Photographic work of James Prineas
Photographic work of James Prineas

Beautiful Kythera, from a bird's-eye-view!

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An essential addition to every Kythera-lover's coffee-table.

This golden, fabled island, birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, final resting place of generations of resilient farmers, industrious townsfolk, Byzantine refugees and Venetian aristocrats, is revealed in this book from the sky for the first time. The island’s secret ravines and inaccessible peaks, the dozens of more or less deserted villages with their homes and ruins and churches, and the centuries-old olive groves, tended through the generations, are all there from the perspective of the falcons which hover over the island on constant watch. Here are the networks of paths linking villages with fields and orchards, homes and ruins of once impoverished families who departed for distant lands to escape an unsustainable existence. Scattered isolated settlements, some only of a few houses, are slowly succumbing to the elements, engulfed in wild vegetation. A ruined Byzantine capital with a lost golden bell, precariously perched on a mountain ridge, beseeches us to mourn the brave souls who lost their lives defending their homes from marauders. Lonely beaches and coves are lapped by the calm blue Mediterranean. Here is Kythera, in all its beauty and solitude, from above. 

Kapsali, the southern port of Kythera. Click to enlarge

More examples from the book.

Paliohora, the ruined Byzantine capital of Kythera. Click to enlarge
Some of the Venetian villas in the capital, Hora
An example of one of the 4 essays in the book. Click to enlarge
The village index. Click to enlarge
The volume's index. Click to enlarge
My animal and human friends and I

I've been photographing and filming now for more than 30 years and I've shot a few things which I'd like to share with you on this site. 


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