Photographic work of James Prineas
Photographic work of James Prineas
Juliette de Bairacli Levy

The Kytherians

Since first visiting Kythera in 1983 I've met some truely wonderful people there. We've shared great times and some allowed me to photograph them. I've written my recollections of them and put them into a book called "The Kytherians" which you can purchase at

See my collection of "Kytherians" here.


Muleback Tour of the Pindus Mts

Back in 1989 I was invited by a friend from Kythera - Stefan Kinkele - to accompany him on a muleback journey from the Greek-Albanian border to the southern point of the Pindus range of mountains. We bought some mules in a small friendly village in Kozani and journeyed hundreds of kilometers through areas of spectacular beauty which seemed one-hundred years behind the rest of the world...

See my collection of Pindus Mountain pictures here.


In 2006 I was invited to Bethlehem in Palestine to speak at an educational conference there. While there I shot a few hundred pictures and when the conference organisers saw them they asked me to put together an exibition, called "Sumud", arabic for "Steadfastness", which was then shown first in Bethlehem 6 months later, and since then each year in different European cities. View the Palestine pictures here.

The Kythera Collection

Twenty years of photos of my favourite island, divided into categories such as architecture, landscapes, animals & insects, as well as the pictures and stories from my book "A Village on Kythera".


Berliner Snouts

Berlin is full of dogs. The people there seem especially fond of them. In German, the term "Berliner Snout" is used to describe the sometimes brusque tone which the human Berliners use. They don't mean to be rude - it just seems that way to the rest of the world. Combining the dogs and the attitude in one book, I tried to capture Berlin from the perspective of the city's four-legged population.

All pictures ©2010 James Prineas

My animal and human friends and I

I've been photographing and filming now for more than 30 years and I've shot a few things which I'd like to share with you on this site. 


All pictures on this site ©2010 James Prineas. 

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